1: What's the difference between Residential and Commercial Door Hinges?

The difference between the residential and commercial hinge is the spring tension has been optimized for the best door performance, based on the typical doors used in residential and commercial applications. If a residential door is 12 feet wide or more commercial hinges should be used. Residential hinges have silver springs, commercial hinges have gold springs.

2: How long will the spring last?

Our system is built to last; with a spring that exceeds 10,000,000 life cycles. Comes with a Lifetime warranty, call for details.

3: Will the Green Hinge work with my existing shaft and wheels from my current hinges?

Yes, the existing 7/16” shaft and attached wheels are very common in 99% of overhead doors. The Green Hinge is designed to work effectively with these common shafts and wheels.  Any additional adjustment required can be handled by your installation professional.

4: Why does your system out perform other sealing systems?

Each panel can automatically adjust to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls.  Most Important the doors themselves only have one true sealing surface and that is the outer panel edge where it contacts the wall.  Most door panels are corrugated where the seal contacts, still leaving air gaps with traditional seals.

5: Has my order been shipped/How do I track my order?

You can check on the status of your order by clicking on Order Status or by clicking on the link on your order confirmation e-mail to review your order. If a tracking number is assigned to your order, you can track the order by logging in to Order Status and reviewing your order.

6: Are there any special adjustments required to my door?

The majority of doors do not need special adjustments. On a rare occasion the motor drive tension may be adjusted.  Your door professional can easily make this minor adjustment if necessary after installing the Green Hinge System.

7: What is your return policy?

For all return inquiries, please email There are no returns or warranty on industrial double end hinges.